Keith Essary has been a small business owner and consultant for over 20 years in Memphis, Tennessee. Keith’s primary focus area is operating Strategic Computer Solutions which is a niche IT company focusing on the¬†grocery industry.

Secondarily, Keith participates on the board of Propane Media (aka Stakt Media). Stakt is a publishing company that owns and operates the Tour Collierville Magazine and Main & Mulberry publishing.

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Keith participates in Forbes Business Council. Links below to Forbes Profile and Publications.

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Youtube: Public Policy Podcast

Public Policy follows the inner workings of a small town exploding with growth, while trying to hold on to its small-town charm. The show features Collierville, Tennessee Vice Mayor Maureen Fraser, Economic Development Director John Duncan and special guests discussing current events, Town governance, legislation, education, and more. 

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Youtube: Grindstone Podcast

Keith hosts The Grindstone Podcast, featuring sales strategy expert, Shawn Karol Sandy, and occasional guests, cater to those small business owners that are building, creating and grinding to grow their business and revenue. Each week, they explore powerful strategies for improving your team’s sales and your company’s bottom line.

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Keith is published in paperpack, available on Amazon. The book, "Before the Click" is written to help Small Business prepare for digital advertising.

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